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Core Spring Training



Spring is a dependency injection framework that simplifies Java EE development and testing.

This course is designed for experienced developers who would like to gain more depth on Spring and building loosely-coupled and testable applications, as well as aspect oriented programming.

O&B is the first SpringSource partner based in the Philippines. Many of our engineers and architects have been using Spring Framework since its first stable release in 2004, and have built massive global systems as well as innovative products using Spring.


Experienced enterprise Java developers and architects who want to learn how to take advantage of the Spring Framework in their own applications.


Agile Engineering and Best Practices
Java Enterprise Fundamentals and Best Practices

Course Outline:

Core Spring Training
  • Annotation-based and XML Dependency Injection
  • Understanding Bean Lifecycle
  • Testing a Spring-based application
  • Aspect-Oriented Programming (AOP)
  • Data Access, Transactions, and JDBC with Spring
  • Integrating Spring with JPA and Hibernate
  • Getting started with Spring Web/MVC (just a quick getting started topic, more details are covered in the Spring Web course)

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