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JPA/Hibernate Training


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JPA/Hibernate, an object-relational mapping framework that is used heavily in the industry today.This course is designed for experienced developers who would like to gain more depth on JPA/Hibernate and ORM frameworks in general.

O&B is one of the largest Pivotal Fabric [formerly SpringSource] partners based outside of the United States and Europe, and is the first SpringSource partner based in the Philippines. Many of our engineers and architects have been using Spring since its first stable release in 2004, and have built massive global systems as well as innovative products using Spring. This training course was developed and is taught by some of the Philippines' well-known and respected Java and JPA/Hibernate software engineers and architects, and uses the format trusted by some of the best companies in the Philippines.

Benefits of the Program

Reduce overhead of maintaining synchronization between your object model and your database schema. Optimize JPA/Hibernate applications Learn solutions to common errors.


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