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Spring Cloud Developer: Microservices Training


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Microservices is a software and organization pattern for delivering business value quickly. Spring Boot and Spring Cloud are a powerful combination for building modern microservices architectures that leverage industry-tested technology like distributed configuration, services discovery and circuit breakers.

The 2-day Spring Cloud Developer course provides participants with a background on why Cloud Native and microservices are important to adding business value quickly. The course leverages Spring Boot and Spring Cloud to solve the challenges associated with running a distributed, microservice-based architecture.

Benefits of the Program

Participants will understand the following:

  • Cloud computing and distributed systems
  • The Twelve-Factor App (https://12factor.net/)
  • Cloud computing design considerations
    • Eventual consistency (#dddesign, event sourcing, CQRS, transactional outbox), REST API
    • Microservices patterns (e.g. service registry/discover, circuit breaker, API gateway, etc)
    • Operations (e.g. blue-green deployment, distributed tracing/logging)
    • Hands-on labs for discussed patterns (using Spring Cloud)
  • Utilize AWS services (like EC2, S3, RDS) with Spring Cloud AWS
  • Emulate the cloud locally (for development and testing)


Developers interested in learning how to construct cloud-native applications using the Spring Cloud family of projects.


  • Basic understanding of Spring
  • Completion of the Core Spring Training course (strongly recommended)
  • Spring Boot experience
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