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Behavior Driven Development (BDD) using Cucumber & Concordion


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Many test automation initiatives fail because they simply take their manual testing practices and try to automate them. Successful teams start from an Agile Testing approach: Seek to prevent bugs, not simply find them. Use tests to define and refine requirements, not just validate them.

This course will take through the principles of Agile Testing, then provide testers with the tools to automate an Agile Testing approach.


Core Java
JUnit Fundamentals

Course Outline:

  • Agile Testing Overview
    • Behavior Driven Development
    • Acceptance Test-Driven Development
    • Specifcation by Example
    • Testing Quadrants
    • Test Automation Pyramid
  • Cucumber & Concordion
    • Gherkin
    • Project Setup
    • Features File
    • Runner Class
    • Annotations
    • Passing Parameters
    • Using Regular Expression
    • Data Tables
    • Assertions
    • Reports
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