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PostgreSQL Training


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DURATION: 0.5 Days

PostgreSQL is one of the few open source databases that are well-accepted in corporate environments. It is prized for its stability and performance. However, most developers only use its basic features, not realizing its many features available for improving performance and reducing the complexity of applications.

This course allows the developer to maximize usage of the PostgreSQL database, as well as avoid common pitfalls. This training course was developed and is taught by some of the Philippines’ well-known and respected web developers, and uses the format trusted by some of the best companies in the Philippines.


Developers looking to understand and maximize the features of the PostgreSQL database, as well as avoid common pitfalls.


SQL Fundamentals

Course Outline:

PostgreSQL Training
  • Overview
  • Using psql
  • Using pgAdmin
  • Creating & Restoring Databases
  • Analyzing Performance of SQL Statements
  • Basic Datatypes, Operators & Functions
  • Arrays
  • Range Types
  • Enumerated Types
  • Geometric Types
  • Text Search
  • XML
  • JSON
  • Reclaiming Storage
  • Gathering Statistics

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