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Selenium IDE & Web Driver


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Selenium is the world’s most popular UI-testing tool. Start by learning how to record-and-playback manual tests via the Selenium IDE, then graduate to more mature programmatic tests via JUnit and the Selenium Web Driver.

The course is pragmatic, focusing on realistic exercises to apply the learned knowledge against scenarios that would be similar to what the tester might encounter in the real-world.


Core Java
Javascript Fundamentals
JUnit Fundamentals

Course Outline:

Selenium IDE & Web Driver
  • Overview of Test Automation
  • Introduction to Selenium
  • Using the Selenium IDE (record and playback)
  • Unit Testing w/ JUnit
  • Mock Testing w/ Mockito
  • Review of CSS Locators
  • Review of XPath
  • Programming Selenium Web Driver
    • Setting up
    • Navigation
    • Referencing Web Elements using Locators - Id, Name, CSS, XPath
    • Handling text boxes
    • Handling dropdown/select elements
    • Handling multiple select elements
    • Handling checkboxes and radio buttons
    • Explicit and Implicit Wait
    • Handling keyboard and mouse events
    • Using Actions and Action
    • Handling Web Tables
    • Handling Upload and Download
  • Creating Libraries (PageObject Model)
  • Best Practices
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