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Training Solutions

O&B's formula for managing, assessing, and training software development staff can be replicated for your organization. We provide solutions for ensuring that your team receives proper training for your technology skill requirements.


Skills Evaluation Toolkit (SET)

The O&B Skills Evaluation Toolkit can be used as an organization’s evaluation platform for its software developers. O&B provides quizzes throughout each training and trainees are required to complete a machine problem at the end of the course. Answers are reviewed during the last day of training.

Our grading system is specific - answers are graded with certain percentages applied (ex. correct choices of classes and methods, 20%, maintainability, 30%; object-oriented design 30%; etc.).

This is a starting point. By knowing individual grades, your management and the HR team can gauge each trainee's current skill level and set performance expectations. A trainee's performance on the exam will give you assumptions (based on facts) on what his manager/team lead should look out for and how this employee can be further helped (more training? mentoring?). Project-wise, this can provide better insight to project managers and team leads on why coding mistakes are made and how to prevent them.

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SET is made up of:
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Programming Skills Assessment Test (P-SAT)

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Quizzes and Machine Problem

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Grades and feedback

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New Hire Onboarding Program

The goal of the O&B onboarding program is to teach industry-level practices. We make sure that trainees are equipped to work on real-life projects. We have been working closely with universities through our internship and community programs and we've found that there's a huge disconnect between what is taught in universities vs. what is used in the industry. These computer science graduates do not know how to apply what they learned in university to actual development projects. Our training courses bridge this gap. This translates to less mistakes, and less mistakes translate to better productivity.

We can customize a training program based on your organization’s specific needs. We’ve helped organizations ramp up their development efforts by equipping both new and existing staff with the skills required to get the job done.


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