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"O&B has built a reputation on hiring and training skilled software engineers. We have experience developing enterprise applications using Java, Spring, Hibernate."


Other Courses We Offer

O&B University provides a range of other training courses that can serve as a complement or as an enhancement for our main offerings. These classes follow the same format as our other courses - heavy on hands-on exercises and focused discussion of best practices based on the real life working experiences of our instructors.

Gain practical knowledge via lectures, hands-on exercises, and insights from our instructors.


Other Courses

O&B DevOps Training

This training course is designed to provide an introduction to the tools, cloud platforms, and best practices for continuous and efficient delivery of software development projects.

Database Optimization

How to avoid common database problems.


This training course will cover an introduction of HTML and CSS, along with a brief introduction of Javascript and Bootstrap.


The course will cover both basic & advanced features of JavaScript and provide extensive exercises of the fundamentals.


The course will provide a thorough grounding in the use of the jQuery framework.


You will be able to create rich and powerful SPAs and communicate with RESTful services on the backend in order to retrieve and persist data.

Python for Beginners

Learn the basics of Python development.

Intermediate Python

Advanced topics include a discussion on the importing function, error handling, and basic object oriented programming.


This course introduces version control best practices as well as best practices specific to Git, and introduces Git’s powerful features.

SQL (Structured Query Language)

Understand how business requirements become database designs, and the basics of reading and writing to a relational database using SQL.

Selenium IDE & Web Driver

The course is pragmatic, focusing on realistic exercises to apply the learned knowledge against scenarios that would be similar to what the tester might encounter in the real-world.

JUnit Fundamentals

JUnit is the most popular Java test automation tool in the world, and the foundation for the majority of Java test automation tools, including Selenium Web Driver, Cucumber and DB Unit.

Behavior Driven Development (BDD) using Cucumber & Concordion

This course will take through the principles of Agile Testing, then provide testers with the tools to automate an Agile Testing approach.

Agile Testing & Test Automation

Understand how business requirements become database designs, and the basics of reading and writing to a relational database using SQL.


PostgreSQL is one of the few open source databases that are well-accepted in corporate environments. It is prized for its stability and performance.


MongoDB is a popular non-SQL database that stores data as JSON-like documents.

Web Services API Testing with SoapUI

Web services APIs are ubiquitous in modern enterprise applications, and SoapUI is the most popular tool for automating the testing of web services APIs.

Load Testing with JMeter

This training course will cover the fundamentals of running custom load and performance tests with JMeter.

Database Testing & Test Data Management with DB Unit

One of the toughest and most tedious part of enterprise testing is preparing the database with the right test data for each test, and then resetting the data after each test. This is exactly what DB Unit does.

MEAN Stack Development

This course teaches participants the full stack javascript framework which simplifies and accelerates web application development with MongoDB, Express, Angular.js and Node.js.

Java with MongoDB

This course covers the Java API of MongoDB. This training course was developed and is taught by some of the Philippines’ well-known and respected web developers.


How to Book a Class

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Select a training track or a course your team would like to take. O&B can also customize a training program if you have a specific requirement.

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You may choose to hold training in our training center in Makati or a venue of your choice.

We have improved our software engineering practices to heights we can only dream of.
Richard Salcedo
Platforms Development, Solutions Delivery - Smart Communications
For a long time, Pointwest has been looking for a training provider who has a comprehensive Java training program. Orange and Bronze fills that void. O&B people have the passion, competence, energy and pizzazz proven by their training methodology, mentoring skills, and team of Java professionals. O&B trained individuals are a testimony to their teaching prowess
Jowee Reyes
Executive Director, Pointwest Technologies
O&B has the right balance of lectures and application through examples, hands-on exercises, and the machine problem given at the later part of the course...Most importantly, Orange and Bronze doesn't only teach you the technology but also how to apply the technology right.
Hazel Mananquil
Systems Analyst, Philippine Airlines


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