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Orange & Bronze is one of the first companies in Asia to use and advocate Agile Software Development. We have been using it since our inception in 2005, back when Agile was still an emerging movement.

We are the first company in the Philippines to adopt Agile company-wide, and the first to offer Agile training and coaching. Through our training, advisory, and software development services, we have helped many companies transition to Agile approaches, as well as deliver successful, reliable products to market.

O&B’s Disciplined Agile Process

In our 12 years of practicing, experimenting, teaching, and consulting, we have learned that many popular Agile approaches lack the engineering & process rigor required to build large, critical enterprise systems, which need to support thousands of concurrent users, huge volumes of data, complex, ever-changing, sensitive business rules, and high security standards. Filipino culture has also been a challenge in applying Agile.

We have therefore evolved our own process, which is a combination of multiple Agile methodologies, as well as engineering practices, design patterns, and tool chain. This process is the result of lessons learned from our own projects as well as the projects of the clients we train and advise, and it continues to evolve.

Benefits of the Program

Trainees will learn to do the following:

  • Understand the factors that determine project success or failure.
  • Gain a wide view of the methodologies and practices available in Agile, and to which situation each is applicable.
  • Learn how Agile values affect requirements engineering
  • Identify and describe user roles, write and evaluate user stories, and estimate and prioritize for iterations and releases
  • Learn critical Java best practices which affect performance and correctness

Target Audience

Developers, Managers, Product Owners, Testers, Business Analysts, Scrum Masters and Executives

Course List

A student writing a user story. | Scrum and Agile Training Philippines
Core Agile Workshop with Scrum, Extreme Programming, and Kanban

During the class, we try to understand your organization's specific issues and pain points, and share the various approaches that we or our clients have tried to address similar situations. More than just giving you technical knowledge, we try to arm you with specific action items that you can immediately apply to your organization.

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Participant arranges user stories on table. | Scrum and Agile Training Philippines
Agile Requirements, Estimation, and Planning

This 2-day workshop provides a hands-on simulation on effective requirements elicitation practices, inclusive of having effective discussions with stakeholders, translating vague business needs into specifications, writing of user stories & acceptance criteria, eliciting priorities & test cases, as well as basic Agile approaches to estimation and planning.

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O&B instructor standing in front of his class talking about Java Best Practices. | Scrum and Agile Training Philippines
Agile Engineering & Java Best Practices

This course goes beyond an academic discussion of Object-Oriented Design and goes into a deep discussion of its effects on practical software engineering concerns such as maintainability, testability and reuse. The course then proceeds to discuss critical Java best practices which affect performance and correctness.

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Agile Testing & Test Automation

Agile Testing takes a very different approach to testing, which involves changes to software development processes and even system design. Testing begins from requirements elicitation, and is conducted in different ways and with different tools in system design and in coding.

Automated tests can be written even before modules are built. Also, functional tests do not break even with large changes to the UI, or even complete changes in UI technology.

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