Automated Testing Track


This track is is meant for engineers who want to pursue a career in automation testing, and for quality assurance professionals who want to shift from manual testing to automation testing.

Course List

Core Java & Commonly-Used Libraries

This course is an introduction to Java and the most commonly used libraries of the Java Standard Edition (Java SE). Covers Java 8.

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HTML / CSS Course

This training course will cover the basics of building web pages using HTML. Lectures will cover an introduction of HTML and CSS, along with a brief introduction of Javascript and Bootstrap.

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Javascript Course

The course will cover both basic and advanced features of JavaScript. The course will provide extensive exercises to reinforce the lessons covered throughout the course.

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JUnit Fundamentals

JUnit is the most popular Java test automation tool in the world, and the foundation for the majority of Java test automation tools, including Selenium Web Driver, Cucumber and DB Unit.

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Selenium IDE & Web Driver

Selenium is the world’s most popular UI-testing tool. Start by learning how to record-and-playback manual tests via the Selenium IDE, then graduate to more mature programmatic tests via JUnit and the Selenium Web Driver.

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Behavior Driven Development (BDD) using Cucumber & Concordion

Many test automation initiatives fail because they simply take their manual testing practices and try to automate them. Successful teams start from an Agile Testing approach: Seek to prevent bugs, not simply find them. Use tests to define and refine requirements, not just validate them.

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The most common “works on my machine” scenarios usually involve load. Things that run fine when being tested on light load become unusable on production load.

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Web Services API Testing with SoapUI

Web services APIs are ubiquitous in modern enterprise applications, and SoapUI is the most popular tool for automating the testing of web services APIs.

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This course introduces version control best practices as well as best practices specific to Git, and introduces attendees to Git’s less-used but powerful features.

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SQL Fundamentals

Understand how business requirements become database designs, and the basics of reading and writing to a relational database using SQL (Structured Query Language).

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DB Unit

One of the toughest and most tedious part of enterprise testing is preparing the database with the right test data for each test, and then resetting the data after each test. This is exactly what DB Unit does. Before each test, DB Unit will load the pre-defined “data set” appropriate for each test. In can also do clean up or resetting of the database after each test. DB Unit can also validate the values written on the database.

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