Enterprise Architect Track


Four groups of senior software engineers introduced on leading a software project for business applications by O&B instructor Calen Legaspi.

The Enterprise Architect training track is meant to prepare senior software developers to assume the role of enterprise application architect, introducing him or her to the heuristics of designing and leading a software project for business applications.

The heart of this program is the Enterprise Design Patterns course, or known approaches to designing business applications. This course covers approaches to designing web components, business-logic components, integration and persistence.

This intensive training program was developed and is taught by some of the Philippines' well-known and respected Java software engineers and architects, and is the format trusted by some of the best companies in the Philippines.

Benefits of the Program

Trainees are able to practice their learnings in a safe environment via numerous case studies, which will be reviewed and critiqued by industry experts.

  • Learn process methodologies which are proven to dramatically improve quality and predictability of software projects without incurring high overhead costs and without the need to purchase expensive tools
  • Applicable to any object-oriented programming language
  • Understand the factors that determine project success or failure
  • Learn established solutions to common problems
  • Improve code quality, and make code easy to change and enhance

Target Audience

Experienced Enterprise Java developers, Architects, and quality assurance engineers

Course List

A student writing a user story. | Software Training Philippines | Orange and Bronze Software Labs
Core Agile Workshop with Scrum, Extreme Programming, and Kanban

During the class, we try to understand your organization's specific issues and pain points, and share the various approaches that we or our clients have tried to address similar situations. More than just giving you technical knowledge, we try to arm you with specific action items that you can immediately apply to your organization.

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Participant arranges user stories on table. | Software Training Philippines | Orange and Bronze Software Labs
Agile Requirements, Estimation, and Planning

This 2-day workshop provides a hands-on simulation on effective requirements elicitation practices, inclusive of having effective discussions with stakeholders, translating vague business needs into specifications, writing of user stories & acceptance criteria, eliciting priorities & test cases, as well as basic Agile approaches to estimation and planning.

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O&B instructor standing in front of his class talking about Java Best Practices. | Software Training Philippines
Agile Engineering & Java Best Practices

This course goes beyond an academic discussion of Object-Oriented Design and goes into a deep discussion of its effects on practical software engineering concerns such as maintainability, testability and reuse. The course then proceeds to discuss critical Java best practices which affect performance and correctness.

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Two teams are having a hands-on exercise. | Software Training Philippines
Design Patterns Training

Design Patterns are recurring software design solutions that can be used to improve new or existing applications. The course teaches both the foundational (aka Gang of Four or GoF) design patterns as well as the Enterprise Application design patterns which focus on building enterprise applications, covering such topics as designing web components, business logic, and persistence.

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