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O&B, the trusted Java development consulting and training facility in the Philippines, developed these courses to address the need for well-trained Java developers who can build web applications and have a good grasp of the requirements and environment for enterprise systems development. The program is rich with exercises, machine problems, cases, and exams that will ensure that participants gain experience developing relatively complex systems in a commercial environment.

Benefits of the Program

Participants will learn the multiple competencies needed by programmers to be productive in a real-world software development environment. As a participant, you will gain a solid foundation in web programming, frameworks and software engineering, as well as the value, tools and techniques of software testing.uct increments at the end of every sprint, even with rapidly changing requirements.

Target Audience

Enterprise Java developers and architects

Course List

A student in front of her laptop that shows her code. | Java Training Track | Orange and Bronze Software Labs
Core Java & Commonly-Used Libraries

This course is an introduction to Java and the most commonly used libraries of the Java Standard Edition (Java SE). Covers Java 8. The course includes a comprehensive discussion on the best practices and common pitfalls. Students are provided with numerous hands-on graded and ungraded exercises, the most challenging of which is the final machine problem.

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Agile Engineering & Java Best Practices

This course goes beyond an academic discussion of Object-Oriented Design and goes into a deep discussion of its effects on practical software engineering concerns such as maintainability, testability and reuse. The course then proceeds to discuss critical Java best practices which affect performance and correctness.

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Spring Boot Training

Spring is a dependency injection framework that simplifies Java EE development and testing. This course is designed for experienced developers who would like to gain more depth on Spring and building loosely-coupled and testable applications, as well as aspect oriented programming.

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A student in front of his laptop that shows his code. | Java Training Track | Orange and Bronze Software Labs
Enterprise Java Best Practices

Trainees will extend a simple Spring Boot application to learn and apply enterprise development best practices.

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